Kansas Zen Center
1423 New York St.
Lawrence, KS 66044


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Kansas Zen Center is affiliated with the Kwan Um School of Zen.

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Parking at the Zen Center

The Kansas Zen Center is located in a residential area. As a courtesy to our neighbors, we ask that you be mindful of parking. Please leave plenty of spaces.

The best spaces to park:

      • There is a small lot at the corner of 15th and Connecticut, a half a block away from the alley. Please make sure that several spaces are available for local residents.
      • There are a few spots in the alley behind the Zen Center. Also, there are reserved spots here for teachers and practice leaders.
      • If you park on New York Street, please make sure you leave enough room for a car to park in front of and behind you. Please do not park in front of the two houses on the east side, closest to 15th Street.
      • There is parking available at the Junior High located at the corner of 14th and Massachusetts (not on the map).

Click on the map below for greater detail.