I have a lot of anxiety. What should I do?

Most of the time, anxiety means you don’t know what to do or else you know what to do but aren’t doing it. If you have that kind of anxiety, make a schedule. If you have a schedule you always know what to do at any given time. Then just do it 100% and your anxiety will disappear. When we do retreats we always have a schedule, and we are very meticulous about following it. Wake up time, wake up. Bowing time, bow. Chanting time, chant. Sitting time, sit. Breakfast time, eat breakfast. Rest time, only rest. This is especially important on a solo retreat, where there is no peer pressure. On a solo retreat we always tape the schedule to a wall. Then that schedule becomes our teacher. Our whole life, day after day, is a solo retreat. So make a daily schedule — and be sure to put practice time in the schedule. Then your life will be complete.

If your anxiety is about fear, see the next blog post (to appear soon).

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