Talks, Classes, Ceremonies, etc.

Annual membership meeting

Sunday January 21. Potluck begins after practice (around 11:30 a.m.), meeting to follow. Bring your yummiest dish. No time to cook? Just come and enjoy what other people bring. Everyone is welcome, but only members can vote.

Buddha’s Birthday and Precepts ceremonies

Sunday April 15 10:30 a.m. Come and bathe the baby Buddha statue with us, and then cheer on sangha members who are taking precepts. Followed by, what else, a pot luck. Bring your yummiest dish, and if you have no time to cook just come and enjoy what other people bring.

Talk by Paul Majchrzyk, JDPSN

Sunday June 8, 7 pm. Paul lives in New York City and teaches at the Chogye International Zen Center in Manhattan. Read more about him here. Paul will be leading the two-day retreat that begins after his talk.

Are you interested in participating in a retreat? The Kansas Zen Center has several retreats offered throughout the year.