Kansas Zen Center

What about Covid?

• If you have symptoms of COVID or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID, please don’t enter the building. 

• We have high quality air-purifiers running in high use rooms in the building during practices and retreats.

• Masks are not required, but if you wish to wear a mask at other times, feel free to do so. If you wish to wear a mask and forgot to bring one, we have them available. We also have hand sanitizer available.

If you come down with Covid within two days of being at the Zen center please let us know via email so we can alert others. We will not use your name.

If you have had Covid or tested positive on a Covid test, please follow CDC guidelines on when it is safe to join us in the building.

All practices and retreats that take place in our building are hybrid. If you are unable to join us in person because of Covid exposure or illness, you are welcome to join us online.

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