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Kansas Zen Center
1201 Laura Ave.
Lawrence, KS 66044

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Kansas Zen Center is affiliated with the Kwan Um School of Zen.

Parking at the Zen Center

The Kansas Zen Center is located in an old residential area with narrow streets and narrow lots. As a courtesy to our neighbors, we ask that you be mindful of parking, leave our neighbors plenty of space, and do not block their (sometimes difficult to recognize) driveways.

The best places to park:

The best place to park is in the marked parking spaces in the alley behind the Zen center. The two marked parking spaces off Laura are reserved for handicapped parking and for the teachers.

If you park on Laura, park only on the west side, either in front of the Zen Center fence or on the south end of the block. If you park on Maple, park only on the west side towards the north, next to the apartment building.

It is legal to park on the north side of 12th (opposite the Zen center) but be mindful of leaving room for cars to drive past. There is no parking on 13th.

There are a few parking places in a small lot to the east in Brook Creek park.